The Law Firm

Warara & Associates is a legal firm based in Harare, whose core business is all legal work, from Civil, Commercial, Conveyancing, and Criminal work, for individuals, families, corporates, government departments, and none commercial organisations. Warara & Associates was conceived through relationship, strengthened by professionalism, gain respect and confidence, to become efficient in service.

Warara & Associates was established on the 1st of April, 2000, by Charles Warara. Having been a partner, in VS Nyangulu & Associates, for four years, Charles Warara founded the practice, based in Harare. Charles Warara has been a legal practitioner for Twenty Seven (27) years, and has been widely exposed to a variety of cases, businesses, and criminal work in Zimbabwe. He has also handled international work as a correspondent.  He is an award winning lawyer and holder of the Walter Kamba Rule of Law Award for a ground breaking case in Criminal Litigation.

The Team

The firm has a staff compliment of eight (8) which includes Legal Assistants, Secretaries, Conveyancing Secretaries and clerks. The firm values its staff as key members and drivers of its vision. In the light of this we strive to do the best for our staff, so as to build a team.

The staff work as a team and this has been done effectively by retaining staff for a long time. We therefore emphasise team building in our vision. As a small team we have remained efficient on service delivery. We have a conveyancing team dedicated to that area only and hence they deliver timeously always.

Vision, Mission & Values

To emphasise client’s satisfaction

To deliver legal service efficiently, cost effectively, and communicate effectively with clients.

Relationship, Professionalism, Respect, Confidentiality, and Efficiency