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Additional capabilities have been added to the organization to include technical assistance and support, installation, maintenance of products and design of systems.

Wills Advisory

Most people think that constructing a will is a complex thing, but it just takes an individual sitting down with a lawyer for 30 minutes and coming up with a plan that will be produced as a will within 24 to 48 hours. And so it does not involve a lot of costs and a lot of time, and yet it solves problems for their loved ones.


Trust Deeds

We also advise on establishing trusts for those who have large estates and this benefit not only the owner of the property. The creator of the trust will upon death, for example, will not pay estate duty, which is heavy charge on the estate. There are benefits not only after death, but before the death, which can be discussed in greater detail.

Webinars & Podcast

Specification Summary

  • Centrifugal ANSI B73.1 Process Pump Model Griswold 811M-4x3-8G, flow rate of 320 gpm  at 3000 rpm, total head 104 ft, maximum discharge pressure 45 psig
  • Baldor NEMA Motor Type 0940M, 20 hp (15kW)/ 3 phase/ 380VAC/ 4 pole/ 2925 rpm/ 50 hz, NEMA Design B, Insulation Class F, TEFC, SF1.15, 284TS Frame
  • Suction pipe size of 8 in NPS and discharge pipe size of 6 in NPS
  • The Pump Skid is equipped with MCC F2100 series Eaton Cutle Hammer 20hp, John Crane Seal Pot, Pressure Indicator

Civil Litigation

An example is where someone is served with summons, they often panic or get worried, but the moment they walk into our office, there will be immediate relief because the burden will be left with us to handle it. They will be counselled so that they return home without worry. The benefit is we, as lawyers, carry the burden of our client, and make sure they are comfortable.

Buying Property

When buying a property, you need to know how to protect themselves from criminals that massacred as estate agents. If you contact us we will give you information on who is genuine and who is not. We also provide the buy and the seller a protection their money, such that they don’t lose the money or the value, even in an inflationary environment. We employ strategies that benefit both parties, because we are experienced in this area of business. There is also efficiency of the transaction, by not only taking immediate steps to initiate the transfer of the property.

Warara & Associates is a legal firm based in Harare, whose core business is all legal work, from Civil, Commercial, Conveyancing, and Criminal work, for individuals, families, corporates, government departments, and none commercial organisations.
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